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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  September 26, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it actually feels like fall out here. >> not too extreme warm weather. we're getting these little shots once in a while of highs only in the 60's or 70's, and then we shoot back to around 80. we're going to continue that trend. now today a little different than yesterday. yesterday we had a brief shower in the morning, and then the clouds kind of broke, the sun came in, and it turned out to be nice with highs in the low 70's. now we're reversing that. the high pressure that brought us good weather is retreating and allowing a new storm to come in. this has a lot of moisture in it . at least at the moment. the rains showing up on the radar are not very significant. they have a hard time reaching the bay, at least initially here. by later this afternoon and tonight a lot of moisture will be pushed into our area, and that increases the rain chances, and i'll have details on what will happen coming up in just a minute. >> our big story comes out of frederick county and that's where the bods of four people
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were discovered inside a home. >> they are all believed to be members of the same family, the bodies of two adults, male and female, along with two children, a boy and girl, were found in a home on the 300 block of contour road. there was a 911 call from a family friend who became concerned after not hearing from the family for a few days. the caller reported seeing a body through the window. >> we don't have a lot of answers at this moment. investigators and troopers believe that the situation is contained to this home. we do not have any kind of active search underway for some who may have been responsible for this incident. troopers believe this is a motor scene, but we believe the situation is contained. >> it is really shocking. i would never expect something like this to happen to that family. that's crazy. >> the circumstances of the deaths are being investigated. but officials say it appears to be a murder scene.
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according to published reports neighbors say a husband and wife lived in the home with their 14-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter. the bodies will be taken to the medical examiner's office in baltimore for an autopsy. >> two baltimore city teenagers are in custody charged with the -- officer aaron harris is listed in serious condition after being shot during an attempted robbery. we get more on what happened from 11 news i-team reporter david collins. >> detective aaron harris, a 16-year city veteran honored with five department accommodations had just left a visit with a family member when he was accost bid two 16-year-old boys. >> they announced a robbery. one brandished a revolver. at which time a struggle ensued on the porch, and the suspects fired multiple gun shots, one of which struck detective harris in
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the abdomen. at least two other shots struck him in the left leg, lower left leg. >> detective harris fought back. he managed to draw a service weapon striking 16-year-old craig tillett in the leg. police took tillett into custody after he sought treatment at sinai hospital. kevo wilson was charged at his home. both are charged with attempted murder of a police officer. >> 16 years old with illegal guns. you know, these are quens consequences that they have to -- these are consequences they have to face, and it is getting extremely frustrating. too many times our system has released young people back into the communities, compromised their safety -- the safety and welfare of many citizens in this community. >> this tells us very personal way we still have a lot of work to do. >> david collins, wbal-tv news.
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>> detective harris is listed in serious condition following two surgeries. he has a wife and a 16-year-old son. >> federal and city police are investigating a double shooting. it happened in the 600 block of laverne street. an ault male was shot in the head. a juvenile was shot also. police have no suspects or a motive tilt. >> meanwhile, city police are investigating a deadly stabbing in east baltimore. a woman was found suffering from multiple stabwounds at the intersection of sinclair lane and north chester street. she is pronounced dead at johns hopkins hospital. no word on the victim's identity, a suspect, or motive. >> a baltimore city girl decide from the h1n1 -- a baltimore
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city girl has died from the h1n1 virus. tim tooten has more. >> did you or -- >> city health department nurses were on hand in the lobby of baltimore's polytechnic high school to give flu shots to adults and children. the most recent case of a 13-year-old montebello student has raised questions. >> the case of a serious case occurring is in the minority. >> and even though they say this case is serious, it is not isolated. >> it is not the first case. flensia is in the community. -- influenza is in the community. we know children get the flu. almost all the flu we're seeing is h-1. >> that's putting parents and students on edge. >> it is important to do it
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because if you don't you will get sick and die. >> i feel bad for her. >> baltimore parents in light of the mom: ntebello flu case can't afford to take chances. >> it is very important. they have been talking about the flu epidemic on the news, and every year i think that adults and students or kids should get a flu shot. >> and health officials say they are planning to get even more flu shots once they get the vaccine for the h1n1 virus. tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> and to find out when and where the city health officials are giving shots, log on to and click on education. >> the first doses will be sent out in two weeks. the centers for disease control expects six million doses to be distributed to doctors offices in early october but admits the first few weeks of vaccinations could be, quote, a little bumpy.
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>> in the nation's labs this week, the fime push to test and get the hacheache vaccine ready to distribute. >> we have some vaccine coming in, in early october. the bulk of the early vaccine will be in late october. >> for some, its process is still confusing. >> it is a little bumpy. >> although pregnant women are at the top of the list to get vaccinated, they won't be able to use the first doses delivered because it will be a nasal spray that contains a live virus. they will have to wait for the shot. instead it is recommended the spray go to children. another at-risk group. but many parents now say they won't get their kids vaccinated. >> i know very few kids that have contracted it thus far. i think there is a little alarmist mentality going on right now. >> a new poll at the university
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of michigan shows less than half of parents plan to have their child vaccinated against h1n1. doctors say that could be a mistake. with the virus spreading so quickly through schools. >> among them the occasional very severely ill child admitted to an intensive care unit. all the more reason to get the vaccine when it becomes available. >> and states will soon be decided how best to distribute it to those who want it. the federal government will send doses based on a state's population leaving is up to -- leaving it up to state governments to get it to those in demeed. >> a lot of people are also concerned about cost. but since the government paid for the vaccine it is free. the government is also asking health providers to wave fees for administering the vaccine. >> check with your doctor to see if you or your child should get one one. >> and the time now is 6:01.
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64 degrees on tv-hill. congress wants to protect -- details aheat in consumer alert. >> and help on the way for those affected by the huge water main break. >> first, you're taking a live look outside at downtown baltimore. john collins has your 11 insta-weather plus forecast next.
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>> take a look at our live h.d. doppler radar. it is the satellite picture that tells the better story for us this morning. the clouds kind of broke up a little bit during the day yesterday following a morning rain. we had enough sun come through to make it a rather pleasant day. today clouds are on the increase again as the next weather system comes in. this initial rain shower activity you see in virginia and west virginia, the air is dry. it is running up against high pressure. it looks like that will stay west of the bay. mostly up in the mountains to the west of us, through a good chunk of the day today, all of the morning, and a piece of the afternoon before enough moisture pushes in that rain chances actually increase later today.
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but rain is on the way, and some of it significant out in kentucky or tennessee. current situation, there are thin spots in the clouds. 65 dreens degrees. the low this morning at the airport briefly was 54. 81% the humidity. at the moment, the winds are calm, the predominant breeze or wind today will be coming more from the east and southeast. and with the moisture approaching from the west plus that east wind, a lot of moisture coming in, so clouds and eventually some rain. yesterday at the airport, 73 the high, 75 at the inner harbor. that's where sun breaks out. develop that. and the rainfall generally around the area yesterday morning 24 hours ago was less than a .10 inch. 64 in annapolis. middle river, 63. college park 57. gaithersburg 5. hagerstown checks in with 62. here's the high pressure, and here's the storm trying to move into it.
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so at the moment, this is a stubborn. that high is preventing the actual rain fall. there is the front itself. at the moment, kind of stalled. eventually, this will win the game, and it is being pushed by the second storm out there. this will kick further away, and all this moisture comes in, and that's when rain chances go up and later this afternoon and tonight. our insta-weather plus forecast for today rain developing. when i say heavy and late, it will probably be after dark. southeast winds at 7 to 12. ultimately, some areas could see as much as an inch of rain, even better than that in rain in the next 24 hours until we're done with it. here's our futurecast. watch the timeline. right now, the rain is west of us. it kind of stays west until late in the afternoon and evening. before showers come in overnight. the heaviest rains in the area. then look what happens sunday. by midday, game time, we're breaking up. the rain has moved off shore. clouds begin to break up, and the rest of sunday looks like a
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pretty good one. a week -- a fast-moving front with showers and maybe a rumble of thunder ahead of that. briefly comes through on monday. then it looks like the rain chance has diminished. tomorrow partly cloudy skies. maybe up near 80 at the stadium downtune. "new york post" wind at 10 to 15 miles an hour. seven-day forecast. again 60's tosmed 70's for sunday and monday. rain chances will be highest tonight. a shower on monday. a sfrinkl on tuesday. then the rest of the week looks pretty good. very autumn-like. >> it is hard to forget. a week ago, county residents will devastated by a water main break. >> home owners are getting their questions ready to talk to county officials as they try to navigate through all the insurance company red take. lowell melser has more from dundalk. >> it is hard to believe this dundalk neighborhood by the logan village shopping center looked like this a week ago and now folks are slightly trying to return things back to normal.
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most problems tith at this point residents say has to do with insurance. request >> i have all-state insurance company for 40 years without a claim. this is called their delux policy, but they say i wasn't covered. [unintelligible] >> baltimore county executive jim smith spoke with 11 news one week after the water main break saying things went as smoothly as they could have from an emergency standpoint. smith showed us the first 911 call came in another 4:18 p.m. within minutes a command service was established. an emergency shelter was opened, and throughout the night, crews pumped out basements. by noon saturday most basements were clear of water. when you look at things by the numbers, 275 residentses were flooded. 75 required pumping. 75 lost power and gas, and there
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were some lucky ones, 163 residences had no damage. county execute fifth smith said because of mounlting -- mounting questions regarding insurance, he will be opening a one-day service center to help those in need. >> it will help us clean up supplies, labor, and it will answer insurance questions that people have because the maryland insurance administration is going to be there. >> residents we spoke to say they will definitely go, but wonder how much it will help. >> maybe in the long run it will help, but i don't think i'm going to get any cash in my hand tomorrow to help replace some of the things i lost. maybe we can talk to people, and maybe they can head you in the right direction. who knows. >> lowell melser, wbal-tv news. >> a recovery service center will be set up from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the waterside community center located at 7894 dundalk avenue. >> friendlier skies for your
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pet. airlines and pet carriers. >> the atmosphere is far from friendly on capitol hill as lawmakers try to fasttrack consumers against rising credit card interest rates. >> and we take to you bell air where a little boy's battle against brain cancer ised inspransepragse -- is the
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>> welcome back. time now is 6:20. in this morning's consumer alert. lawmakers again lashed out at the credit card industry. they want to speed up implementing of a new set of rules designed to help consumers manage their debt. jay gray has the latest in that battle and new initiatives to create a more user friendly card. >> lawmakers are taking another "swipe" at the credit card industry. >> the number of complaints that have come in are astonishing.
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>> representative carolyn maloney is looking to speed up a new law that limits a credit card company's ability to change interest rates. it was supposed to take effect in february but some lawmakers want to move the date to december because they say so many companies are raising their rates and fees right now ahead of the deadline. >> the abuses by some in the industry which led congress to pass my original legislation have only increased since the bill's signing. >> as the battle between congress and the credit card companies intensifies, there is also a noticeable shift in the industry. >> we just launched blueprint. >> the blueprint card from chase allows consumers to determine the types of every day purchases like grocery, gas that they want to pay off every month interest free even while accumulating on other big-ticket items. >> this allows people to pay balances off and avoid interest off and feel like they are in
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more control. >> others in the industry have launched similar programs. >> the companies really are trying to say that they are being kinder, more gentle, consumer-friendly at this point. >> they also hope it will convince people to keep their card in their wallet. >> it will be viewed by card holders as a company that addresses the needs of their clients. >> clients that are, along with congress, are now charging forward demanding change. >> jay gray, wbal-tv news. >> some credit card companies have pushed back. they are worried they don't have the infrastructure or system in place to handle all the new requirements if lawmakers move the deadline up to january. >> we have heard stories about pets and airlines. now the sherpa group created the in-cabin pet carrier cab and now
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guarantees re-imbursment if they are refused a flight. the airlines in the agreement are american, midwest, continental, delta, north, southwest, and alaska. >> don't go away. we're coming back with more news in just a moment. first a look at events going on around town this weekend.
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>> today is super heros' day in bell air. two dozen characters will join on the streets of baltimore to honor a boy who is battling cancer. and one super hero called "the dominator" is -- >> the alter ego of a young boy in a comic book created for real-life hero dominic osorio. a harford county 6-year-old who has been battling stage 4 brain cancer for two years. "it's not just a red suit. it stands for an amazing young man whose heart and courage put
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this out there to help other kids. >> that is dave anderson, a pizza shop owner. >> at the same time they are going through this, to cure this horrible disease. >> dominic believes he is a hero, and why not? on his birthday super man came to his home. >> on saturday dominic turns 7. there will be characters from sponge bob. it is the party he would have wanted. >> seeing the super heros rg the best thing, if it rains, the superheroes gow go inside and all the kids, their faces light up. >> now in the hospital, dave says dominic's story holds a message for everyone. he said dom wrote these words.
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>> "first you have to believe in something before it will happen." dominic is a super hero, and we get our courage from him. >> he certainly is. >> our hearts go out to the family and hope that everyone shows up today for superhero day. this morning at 10:00 in bell air there will be a car wash to benefit st. jude's hospital as superhero day starts rain or shine. for more information log on to our web site at >> what a brave guy. >> he is. he is an inspiration to everyone. >> the time is 6:28. coming up, a look at our top stories. >> annapolis democrats pick a mayoral candidate to run in the election. we'll tell you who it is. >> a fight in harford county sends one student to shock trauma. i'm melissa carlson.
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that story coming up.
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>> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." thank you for joining us. >> we'll get to our top stories in just a moment. fall is going to be here and it is going to be a wet day, right? >> the whole weekend, it is a 50-50 split.
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we're starting off fine, the middle of it maybe not so great, and then the end of it not so fine again. >> like a sande sandwich. ? >> yes, we are piling it all on one side. you have to plan your activities. cut the grass this morning. that's one tip right there. >> give it some time. early this afternoon. >> i think you get the impression what i'm talking about here. if you look at the radar and satellite combined. clouds are over the area. it is not a solid cloud. there are thin spots here and there. we will see a little sun trying to breakthrough this morning. that rain out west, that shower activity it is not coming in initially. that initial bag of rain will have a hard time getting as far north as the way bay. but the stuff as far back as tennessee and kentucky, that's a more significant string of moisture coming our way. that should be able to overcome this dry air and bring rain to the forecast.
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we'll detail all this coming up in the forecast. >> maryland state police say four people have been found dead in a single-family home in mount airy. troopers found two adults and two children 5:30 yesterday in the 300 block of contour road. police believe the four are part of the same family. the circumstances of the death are being investigated. the troopers say it appears to be a murder scene. >> the issue of murder-suicide is certainly on that list of possibilities and investigators are considering, but it is far too early to make any kind of determination like that. this is a criminal investigation, a murder investigation, and it is too early to say officially what occurred here. >> the bodies will be taken to the medical examiner's office in baltimore for an autopsy. >> plaurs for baltimore mayor sheila dixon say prosecutors are still using inad misible evidence to make perjury charges
6:33 am
stick. attorneys dixon is accused of lying about gifts from her then deler boyfriend ron lipscomb. she's also charged with theft relate today gift cards intended for needy families. the hearing is set for next week. >> -- josh kline finished second in the primary. >> people know me. i've redd represented in area for eight years. people are ready for a fresh start with a steady hand at the helm and that's what i have to offer.
6:34 am
he plans to kick off his campaign at the city dock. >> a fight at harford county caught on tape. it happened at c. militanton wright high school in bell air. melissa carlson has more. >> the harford county sheriff's department say it was after -- they were called for a fight. >> the resource officer responded to a fight that was in progress. when he arrived at the cafeteria he witnessed two students throwing punches at one another. >> nearly the entire event was caught on camera and posted to youtube. the -- as you can see on the video, a school officer tried to break up the fight, but it is what you don't see on this video that landed the unconscious student in the hospital. >> the second student was
6:35 am
rendered unconscious. regained consciousness, and was escorted to the office as well, but fell unconscious a second time. >> but according to the police, this is isn't the only video or fight involving these two students. police say the fight happened less than a week earlier on school grounds and this same student was beat unconscious. the teen's current condition is unthonee known but sources tell 11 news he's been in a coma. police say when he is released he will be charged with, among other things, second-degree assault. the other teen is also looking at a multitude of second charges. and there is a third teen involved. >> there is a third student. the while the school resource officer was taking the students involved in the altercation to the office who felt the need to interject his opinion. >> harford county student communications specialist urebed this statement "appropriate disciplinary action has been
6:36 am
taken against the students involved in the incident. we are unable to comment on the specific nature of the discipline." >> they don't believe this is gang or race related. in bell air, i'm melissa carlson, wbal-tv. >> conian o'brien is -- was injured after bumping his head doing a stnt stunt and the show was not finished. as a result the network aired a repeat episode of the show. >> coming up, president obama's response to news that iran has built another facility to make nuclear fuel. >> and a terror suspect is behind bars accused of planning to dealt nature powerful bombs on the city subway. the story still ahead. >> lots of moisture still ahead. the insta-weather plus forecast coming up.
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>> a lot of moisture is streaming in our direction. it will make itself known, first with clouds early today and then later on some rain. there are two parts to this storm. the one part -- the core of the rain right now is in kentucky and tennessee. that's the first batch that will hit us. in driving the whole thing, back in iowa, that's rain up ahead of the air storm driving this whole system. the big storm in the higher levels of the atmosphere. that is what is going to push everything ultimately in our direction. it is kind of a slow process. it won't happen this morning as far as the rain is concernedment -- concerned.
6:40 am
eventually we will get soaked. that's the basic story we have for you this weekend. let's look outside for you right now. yes we have clouds. there are thin spots. 57 at the airport now. 54 is the morning low about an hour and a half gaa go. -- ago. the barometric pressure. at the moment it is high. as that storm gets closer with the cool front and everything else, the barometer will drop. at the moment the winds are calm. predominant winds are from the east. that will add moisture coming off the atlantic ocean. easton is 54. mid pl river, 63, down in the district it is 61. college park. 55 at gaithersburg. haake hagerstown -- hagerstown checks in at 62. at the moment, it is holding this storm back. these are thin clouds we have overhead. rain makers back in west virginia then kentucky and tennessee.
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so right now this is stalled. it is hag having a hard time pushing eastward. this high strong enough to keep that away 789 -- -- away. eventually everything wins out. bringing rain chances up. out in the tropics, we have depression eight. it may eventual become a tropical storm. it will stay out in the eastern atlantic, though, it weant get anywhere near north america. cloudy today. rain developing. possibly heavy by tonight. southeast winds at 7 to 12 miles per hour. 61 to 65 the high temperature for today. tomorrow, 76. rain in the morning. and it looks like we'll clear out for the game tomorrow afternoon. that starts at 1:00. a shower late in the afternoon or monday. a sprinkle tuesday, and we eventually wind up with a nice week next week with autumn-like temperatures. only around 70 for the high. >> federal authorities say a denver man accused of a terror suspect had a plot more
6:42 am
sophisticated than dangerous any this country has seen in years. in a denver courtroom prosecutors claim 24-year-old najibullah zazi was caught with bomb-making instructions and materials. he admitted to attending an al qaeda training camp l. -- camp. >> this is someone that looks like he really did get training at a real terrorist training camp which is a distinguishing factor from a lot of the home-grown cells we see here post-9-11 here in the u.s. >> now they are trying to determine if najibullah zazi's plot was ordered by al qaeda. >> president obama warned iran had been secretly building a separate nuclear facility to be used to make aatomic weapons. steve handlesman has the latest from pittsburgh.
6:43 am
>> revelation from iran's nuclear production provoked tough talk from president obama. >> iran is on notice that when we meet with them on october 1 they are going to have to come clean or will they continue down a path that is going to lead to confrontation? >> the once-secret iranian plant is underground almost set to start pure identifying uranium at the rate of two bombs a year. mahmoud ahmadinejad's secret was learned in 2007. he knew his plant had been discovered and informed the u.n. now he's defiant. >> we say what business of yours is it to tell us what we must do or not? >> but he claims no u.n. violations. >> what we did was completely legal, according to the law. >> the u.n. nuclear agency today
6:44 am
demanded to see the plant. and lining up behind president obama other nations demanded iran comply. >> due too deception for years the international community has no choice but to draw a line in the sand. >> sarkozy predicts tougher sanctions by december and this time the russians and chinese are on board. >> how tough might those sanctions be? how serious is this crisis? president obama says wait until after next week's talks with iran. give blomesy a chance, and then we'll -- diplomacy a chance, and then we'll know. >> are you ready to get fit? stay with us. 11 fitness is coming up. >> first we have a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. have your kids ever gone snorkeling before breakfast?
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>> time for 11 news fitness. it affects how we look in the lower portions of our bodies. >> a lot of us sit all day, and we really do spread from that. women tend to carry their bigger issues are between the belly button and abuff the mid thi -- above the mid thigh. most women have a goal of
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wanting to sculpt and scleek their legs up and lift their butt. so i want to show you the three separate moves that work the inner thigh, the outer thigh, and bring up the rear. all of them shape the legs. it involves something you step up on. i have a step here, but if you have stairs at home, that will work. i'm -- it is -- you lunge back. you are going to take this leg and pull it out. if you can, hover. if you are coming back, pull it up. i wish you could feel what i'm feeling. >> you don't need to add the weight because just doing it by yourself -- >> if you want to add the weight, you can. you take the same weight and you come off the side. now i'm doing a squat up. you want to come about -- you're dropping your hip to about your
6:49 am
knee level. so you combine them. you lunge back. you getting it to the back of the leg. take it down. >> how many reps? >> 15 to 20 reps. if you start going heavier weight, then you start looking for bulk and bigger muscle. >> no, that's not what you want. >> and there is one more just off that move. you can do this on the ground. take one weight and then it is good to hold something here. open your knees way up. come down to that same squat. then push up to the inner thigh. >> look how straight you are? >> yeah, that's the key. you want to get tall through your back so you can feel it in your tushie. >> and you probably will feel that the next day. >> you will. this is hitting your inner thigh.
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>> should you do that every day? >> no, your muscles need to repair themselves. if you just keep getting sore, you never get the results. so at least put a day in between, maybe two days. if you are still sore, it is a good key, you have to wait one more day. so put some distance between the workout. >> and it really will work? >> it really will work if you are consistent and you always eat well so that you don't cover your results. >> real quick, let's talk about eating well. we're getting into fall. that's when people want this comfort food. give us a test for avoiding those fall pouppeds. >> there is a great one that i like called the pig-out soup. it is cabbage, celery, mushrooms, peppers, and with
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some chicken stock, and just fill it up with as many vegetables as you can, and then go when you are hungry and eat as much as you want without hurting yourself. >> bulk without the calories. >> absolutely. >> love it. thank you so much. >> if you like to get in touch with candace go to www.fitisitcardioor 410-960-0403. stay with us. john has a l
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>> cleveland off to an 0-1 start. didn't go terribly well. punches ended up being thrown between teammates. not having the best of times. the ravens are having lots of fun scoring. lots the points. no one is having more fun that kelly washington. averaged nearly 35 a game. it was funny, the ravens' biggest show boat proves the most quiet guy in the locker room. to get someone to talk, we go to mason. >> i like it, especially when he
6:55 am
told everyone to turn around and wait. i think that was very, very nice of him, very smart of him. he's out there, he's enjoying football, he's having fun, and he's found himself a niche on this team. >> an impressive niche. meanwhile, the oriolesors misery loves company. last night the o's riding an 11-game skid. nick mar kay kiss. makes it a one-run game. a double play. to make things worse. don't know how bad it is yesterday, felix p -- indians 4-2.
6:56 am
an 8-0 colluding streak for the birds. i'm pete gilbert. >> rain later today and tonight ending tomorrow morning. the football game looks good. a quick shower monday, and the rest of the week autumn-like. >> that's all the time we have for now. the "today show" is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes for a live updat >> this past monday night pateon
6:57 am
maung earned his 119th victory with the annapolis colts and quickly -- indianapolis colts. with the win he surpassed johnny unitis' team record. manny always mindful of his legacy said after the game that he did not feel comfortable with comparisons to unitis but he was proud to wear the same uniform. the -- some will point to the length of seasons and what his experience has done to the talent-pool but there is no denying maung is a great player -- manning is worthy of every accolade. why do the colts continue to be linked? it is a disservice to both the city of indianapolis and baltimore. the two franchises need to be separated once and for all.
6:58 am
records need to be broken and not even manning has come close to breaking every record. today we believe the mantle of "greatest colt of all time" is to be shared with an asterisk. manning is -- be sure to take a moment to admire the statue of the greatest baltimore colt of all time.
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